Monday, April 16, 2007

Brock loves.......

Here is Brock on his Birthday. His speech is excellent and he is very easily understood. He now knows his ABC's and can count to 10. He loves to sing songs and play with Thomas trains...his faves are Spencer and Henry and they go everywhere he does! He is a HUGE Blues Clues fan. His most favorite activity is wrestling with Max....poor little Max. :)

Brock at Christmas

Here's Brock at Christmas! He was so excited there was a "choo-choo train" in the living room. We learned very quickly that it was all about the chocolate coins with Brock.

The BIG update!

Hi everyone! After taking many complaints we have decided to update the blog....sorry but life is so busy now. The last 18 months with Brock have been very busy and might I add trying. We have definitly hit the dreadful "terrific twos". The fits are plentiful. It has been so nice to watch Brock grow up. He is so smart and funny.