Monday, August 15, 2005

he loves to dump out the toys! Posted by Picasa

This is us at the wiggles. I'll have to thank Joe's CEO for the awesome suite tickets. The boys loved it. Posted by Picasa

never leave your shoes outside in Texas! Posted by Picasa

Here is one with no tubes! His upper lip will be a little red until it is completely healed. It may be up to a year. I love his smile. Look how his big blue eyes light up. Posted by Picasa

Heres a big smile. His upper lip will be tight for awhile. We have to message the scar 30 min. everyday. I dont start that unitl tomorrow so please wish me luck. He is so fiesty it might be impossible! Posted by Picasa

Brocks "all better" now!

I wanted to put in some new pictures of our little man tonight. He had the nasty tubes removed from his nose today. It was a great visit: nothing too evasive, the plastic surgeon agrees he needs more nose work and we were out of there in world record time. Brock is back to his old self. Eating and playing great and now he is crawling. It is all over now. The next procedure is November 15th just after his birthday.

Big Brother Chase starts Kindergarten on the 17th! I can't believe he is five already. He is so excited he can't sleep at night. He has also discovered Rock and Roll and blasts music like a teenager! He is getting too big way too fast.

Love Tarah